HOLIDAY: 15 Candy-Free Easter Egg Fillers

Easter is just a few weeks away and I am so excited! During my childhood, we would celebrate Easter weekend in Alabama, with my extended family. We created so many fun memories! On Easter morning, my cousins and I would wake-up to huge Easter baskets filled with plastic eggs, special toys and our favorite treats. By the end of the day, we were stuffed from all of the yummy food, eggs and candy, LOTS of candies.

When Harper's first Easter came around I skipped the whole Easter basket idea. She was only six weeks old and I was a tired mom. The following year just a few weeks before Easter, she was diagnosed with a dairy protein allergy and most of the traditional Easter treats I bought for her basket were a no-go. I was bummed! I turned to Facebook for help and the moms gave me some fabulous ideas. My excitement was restored! I just needed to think outside of the box. Here are my favorite 15 candy-free Easter egg fillers:

1. Stickers: Harper loves stickers, so this year I bought Easter themed and Frozen of course.

2. Socks: Who doesn't love a pair of new socks? Target's Dollar spot always has such adorable ones. 

3. Bath Squirters: Super cheap and loads of fun! You may be able to find Easter themed ones.

4. Puzzle Pieces: Hide one or two pieces in each Easter egg to and put a spin on your traditional egg hunt.

5. Pretzels: A nutritious and cheap snack. I've even seen them in different shapes around the holidays.

6. Minature Bubbles: If your kid loves bubbles like Harper does, these are sure to be a hit! 

7. Cereal: Fill an egg with your child's favorite cereal, such as Kix or Cheerios.

8. Minature Play-Doh or Clay: The party size favor is perfect for your little one's hands.

9. Jewelry: Filling my girly girl eggs with rings, necklaces and bracelets was a no brainer.

10. Raisins/Dried Fruit: To say that the these were Harper's favorite snacks is an understatement.

11. Accessories: Hair clips, barrettes and bow ties are the perfect size to fit in 

12. Money: Fill the eggs with either coins or bills, but make sure it's age-appropriate.

13. Alphabet Magnets: Incorporate learning while having fun!

14. Homemade Sidewalk Chalk: Colors and shapes are endless.

15. Tickets: Create tickets to use for special family outings and events.

There you have it. Now go and have fun filling your child's Easter eggs.

Disclaimer: Please be sure to use age appropriate fillers based on your child's age and capability. 


  1. We've been doing candy-less Easter for a couple of years and have found it to be much more pleasing at the end of the day (no crabby sugar crashes!) Thanks for your suggestions! I keep forgetting how close we are to yet another holiday! :) #BLOGMA

    1. It seems like Easter has snuck up on a lot of us this year. I am so glad I picked up a few things here and there to fill her eggs and basket. I still haven't even looked for an Easter dress or shoes, smh. I hope to get that done Monday. Thank you for reading!

  2. I love the candy-free Easter tradition! Also I think the things you plan on doing will be more enjoyable in the long run!

    1. Well this year, she will get a few pieces of candy, but not chocolate, lol! Now that she is three she is starting to understand the concept of what Easter truly means. I can't wait to see her face on Easter morning as she finds her basket and all of the hidden eggs. Thank you for reading!

  3. These are great ideas! I'm still gathering things for our Easter baskets. I'm trying to go the no candy route. I love the bubbles and puzzle idea.


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