Mom and Daughter Day Out

On Monday, Harper started a new Mother's Day Out program. The evening before, I made sure to have all of the registration forms filled out, packed her lunch and her little bookbag and laid out a cute outfit to make sure our morning would run smooth.

Later that night as I was finishing up some Harper & Ro orders, I begin to browse on Facebook. Someone posted about their kid's school having a Dr. Seuss theme week and all of the daily costumes they had to come up with. Then it hit me. Tomorrow was Dr. Seuss's birthday and her school was having a celebration! Can we say #MomFail?!  I desperately needed a super simple, quick and inexpensive "costume", that was toddler-friendly. Thank goodness for Pinterest, Facebook, and my Silhouette Cameo! Like seriously how did our mother's come up with stuff before the internet?!

After about a 20-minute search, I found the most adorable Thing 1 costume. Now I wasn't going to go all out with giving her blue hair, but a simple shirt would be just fine. Seeing as how I've never used HTV on a red shirt, I was a little nervous about the color of the t-shirt coming through the white part of the design. Well, thank goodness it all worked out! The design came out flawless! 

As you can tell she absolutely loved it! It was a big hit at her school and her teacher even had on a matching shirt. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of them together (pick-up was a little chaotic), but trust me they were super cute!

She was all smiles when I picked her up. I was so proud to hear from her teacher that she had NO potty accidents, played well, respected everyone. Like literally the kid could not stop smiling and talking about her first day of school. As a treat, I took her to Starbucks, (or Starbuts as she likes to call it) to enjoy one of our favorite treats, a birthday cake pop. As you can see she truly enjoyed it.

Afterward went to Toys R' Us. I  had been meaning to take her a week ago for her birthday, but she had been suffering from a horrible sinus infection. She browsed the Disney section for a while and immediately ran over to look at the Play-Doh toys.

When it came time to check out, she picked a play-doh set. What?! I was so shocked that she didn't choose a Disney toy! I mean this girls LOVES her some Frozen, Minnie Mouse, and Doc McStuffins. And just when you think you know your kid.

I really enjoy sharing one-on-one moments with her. She truly thrives on the one-on-one attention and time I give her. My grandmother Mary gave me some really good advice when Harper was born. She said that I need to always celebrate her childhood and truly bask in every single moment I have with her. Being her mommy is such an exciting adventure and I thank God for her!

What are your favorite things to do one-on-one with your child?

With Love,

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