10 Creative Gifts for Father's Day

Last night as I was updating my planner for the month of June, I realized that Father's Day is in a couple of weeks! Ekkk! And guess what?! I panicked because I have nothing planned! Well off to Pinterest I went in search of something creative and budget-friendly that my daughter and I could make for Father's Day. Check out the top 10 ideas that made my list:

                                                   6. World’s Greatest Pop Gift In A Jar

What do you have planned to honor the father(s) in your life? 
Does your family have any Father's Day traditions?


  1. These are some awesome ideas! I love that most of them are easy enough for the kids to go by themselves! We're traveling on Father's Day but I still plan on sneaking a few gifts in the luggage to make sure my husband knows just how much we love and appreciate him! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are such cool and creative gifts! I especially love the Tackle Box idea. I'll be using a few of these ideas with my little ones. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What sweet and creative gifts. Happy weekend!


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