Big Girl Room Makeover

As much as I don't want to face it, my daughter is becoming a big girl. I started thinking about designing her a "big girl room" over a year ago and began pinning like crazy. Now if I had my way her room would be full of ruffles, lace, burlap, and pink, but it's not all about me. Even though she is only 3, I feel that she should have a say in how her room is designed. After church on Sunday, we took a quick trip to Home Depot and let her pick out paint swatches. 

Picking out paint swatches at Home Depot.

It was hilarious! She wanted to have a different color (pink, yellow, purple and blue) on each wall! Kids! 

We gently guided her towards picking out one color and we grabbed a few swatches from there. To my surprise, she decided on blue, well more like an aqua/teal color and we love it! We got a few Behr paint samples and will go from there. I don't want the color too overpowering and take away from the decor, but not too light where you can barely see it. Once we finalize the wall color I will design a room inspiration board and share it with you here. I think I am leaning towards the color scheme of aqua/teal, pink and white.

Some of the elements in the design elements I am considering are: 

Are you redesigning any rooms in your home? Do you use Pinterest as inspiration?


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  1. Those are such cute ideas! I'm in the process of moving, and I will be decorating my new space. I'm so excited! I love the gallery wall! I hope it works out.


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