Fourth of July Traditions

Growing up, the 4th of July was one of my family's favorite holiday. Every year my family would gather at our church for a HUGE community cookout and a baseball game. My cousins and I would run around grabbing candy and spicy pickles from the different vendors until dark and we were covered in mosquito bites.  After the game was over, we would all head over to the baseball field for an amazing firework show. Ah, those were the days!  A few times during my childhood, my parents took us on a week-long family vacation to Orlando, which of course included Disney World! I swear Disney World has the BEST fireworks show in the world! 

Now that I am a mom, it is very important for me to keep my childhood 4th of July traditions going for my little family, and incorporate a few new ones. I want to make sure that my daughter understands that the 4th of July is a very special day for America and that when she becomes a mom, she will have memories of family traditions to pass down to her children.

1. Cookout - Host a cookout for your family, friends and even invite your neighbors. You could make it potluck style or have it catered. And for an added punch tie 4th of July themed decor and food! 

2. Attend a Fireworks ShowIn most towns, there is usually a firework show. One of my favorite places to watch fireworks in Atlanta is at Stone Mountain Park! Their special patriotic fireworks finale is every night July 1-4! If your town doesn't offer a firework show or you don't feel like fighting the crowds, you can always put on a firework show at home (please use caution).

3. Create 4th of July Crafts - Kids and adults love making crafts! I pinned several cute and easy crafts for my daughter and nephew to try making this year. Last year this became a new tradition for us! You can also use the 4th of July crafts as a part of your home decor!

4. Learn the History of Independence Day - Teach your children about why the 4th of July is so important to our country. There are a lot of awesome Fourth of July books to introduce kids to all of the excitement and importance of this holiday!

5. Go to a Parade - Most cities and towns host parades to honor the 4th of July. They are really fun to attend and make awesome family memories! A neat idea would be to host your own neighborhood parade! Think of how creative you could get and how excited all of the kids would be!
6. Take a Family Photo - Have your family members coordinate in traditional patriotic colors and snap away! Create a fun and festive 4th of July themed photo backdrop with DIY photo props! This is an easy way to add a super fun and creative element to your pictures.

7. Travel as a Family - Instead of celebrating the 4th of July at home, plan a family vacation. Take a weekend road trip to the lake or plan a weeklong stay at a family friendly resort. Have fun traveling with your family!
8. Support the Military - My friend Sarah and her family write thank you letters and send care packages to deployed servicemen. This is a wonderful 4th of July tradition to start with your family and makes the perfect summer service project! They work hard to protect our free country and I am sure they would be grateful for the surprise mail!

9. Go to a Baseball Game - We recently attended a baseball game at the new Suntrust Park to see our beloved Atlanta Braves win against the Miami Marlins. We had a blast and are considering returning to watch them play on the 4th of July! Whether attending a professional game or playing baseball in the backyard, this is for sure a fun family tradition!

10. Make 4th of July Desserts - As a child, I absolutely loved cooking with the women in my family (especially when I got to lick the batter bowl)! My daughter also loves to help me in the kitchen with cooking and baking. I pinned a few yummy 4th of July themed desserts that I can't wait for us to try out! 

How do you celebrate the 4th of July with your family? Do you have a favorite 4th of July tradition? 


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