5 Ways to Make Yourself A Priority

It is so easy to fill our schedules with to-do list and tasks that we often forget to make ourselves a priority in life. I am going to share five ways to make yourself a priority in the fast paced world we live in! This year I am on the journey of self-discovery. A lot of us moms can benefit from making time to simply relax and breathe for a moment or two. As a mother, it is easy to get completely wrapped up in taking care of your children. Being a stay at home mom is so rewarding but it can also be exhausting, and that is why I am working hard to make time for myself, as you should do the same.

5 Ways to Make Yourself a Priority

Making Time for Yourself
We all have different passions and ways we envision taking time for ourselves. Get a massage or pedicure, or sit outside and read a book, figure out the best way for you to spend your time. You might want to just hide out in the bedroom and binge on some Netflix. Do anything that makes you feel relaxed and brings you happiness! Pencil yourself into the schedule and make time for yourself. Don't feel guilty! Remember you cannot pour from an empty vessel.

Learn How to Say "No" To Others Without Guilt
To make yourself a priority, don't say, "Yes" to everything in life. Now, this is a hard one for me. If someone asks something of you, and you don't feel up to it, just say no. Learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it later. You have to be a priority. Don't fill up your schedule for everyone else just to please them. Make sure you do things you want, and not for everyone else. If you are saying yes to everyone except you, it will really wear you down, and that isn't healthy.

To make yourself a priority, don't just say, "Yes" to everything in life.

Ask For Help
If you feel overwhelmed and need help, don't be afraid to ask. It doesn't matter if you need help with household chores, or someone to watch the kids, reach out for support. Make sure you don't allow yourself to become too exhausted and worn down. It is so easy to do it all ourselves, but it only gets us wore down and that isn't healthy for anyone.

Manage Your Time
Be sure that you are managing your time well. Are you getting enough sleep, exercise, or eating right? You need to ensure you are functioning at your greatest efficiency. If you are stressed and tired, it can make life a lot more challenging. Make sure your schedule is not over full and wearing you down. Try to maximize your time so that it is as easy as it can be for you.

Make time for yourself, doing things you love without any guilt.

Spend Time With A Friend or Family Member
Having a friend or family member you can spend relaxing time with is great for the soul. It helps give you fuel and fills your heart full. We as humans need interaction with others. Or even head off for a dinner date with your spouse. Do something with a friend or loved one, that is for fun. Those little outings can help brighten anyone's day.

Do you struggle with making yourself a priority? What’s your favorite thing to do during “me time”?

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