6 Tips to Drink More Water

Last week on Instagram I posted a full body picture of myself since I started my weight loss journey. I was extremely nervous to share that picture, but I quickly got over that! Several people asked how was I able to lose 23 lbs since March and my answers are always the same, diet and exercise. I changed my diet to low-carb high fat and I drink a GALLON (128 oz) of water every day, yes a gallon. In the beginning upping my water intake was not the easiest, but after few weeks I got it figured out. Remember that there are so many benefits to drinking water. Our bodies are made up of about 50-75% water so we must always take the time to properly hydrate. If you are looking for a few ways to increase your water intake, follow my 6 easy tips!

Here are 6 tips to drink more water that have worked for me.
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1. Start with a Small Goal -  Even though I drink 100 ounces of water a day, I did not start off that way. Start with a small goal of 50 ounces per day for a week. Gradually increase your goal until you hit your target. 

2. Buy a New Water Bottle - Splurge and spend a little money on a fancy new water bottle like this one! It might sound a little silly, but drinking out a new water bottle made me excited to accomplish my daily goal.

3. Use a Straw In my opinion, drinking water out of a straw makes it a little bit easier to hit your daily goal It's like the water magically disappears right before your eyes.

4. Flavor It - Occasionally I will add a few drops for added flavor, but my number one way to spice up my water is to add in fruit. My favorite fruit infused water combinations are blueberry + lime and strawberry + basil. I love using my infusing pitcher for home use and this infusing water bottle for drinking water on the go.

5. Track your Progress - Throughout the day I use the iDrated app to track my water intake and it even has a reminder alarm to keep you on target. At night I record my daily progress planner using cute hydration stickers like these.

6. Reward Yourself - For every week that I stuck to my water intake goal, I rewarded myself with something small. My first reward was this super cute a new pair of sunglasses! Find whatever would motivate you and reward yourself for meeting your goal like a rockstar!

What are your tips for intaking more water?


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